Our family

Mike was born in a small house on Crystal Street in the jewel box of Capitola. He has lived in Santa Cruz County his whole life. His parents moved here after working for civil rights under Martin Luther King Jr.

You may have met Mike as he washed your windows while you got some gas in your car. When he was little, his parents owned the ARCO gas station on the corner of Ocean St. and Soquel Ave. When older, Mike may have helped you rent a UHAUL at the family’s second gas station on the corner of Park Ave. and Soquel Dr.

Mike’s interest for construction was sparked at age 15 after surviving a devastating home fire. Mike began his “apprenticeship” when rebuilding the family home, from the ground up, with a contractor family friend, his brothers, and his father after school and on weekends. He then took a job with the family friend in the construction business.

Twenty-one years ago Mike married fellow native, Diane Lenz. Diane grew up helping with the family business and in the art world at Lenz Arts. For 2 years, Mike and Diane, ran a home for developmentally disabled adults. Mike has always been involved with music ministry for his church.

The four Bokulich children are 5th generation Santa Cruzians. Their Great-great-grandfather was T.F. Costella. You will still see his mason’s stamp on the sidewalks throughout downtown Santa Cruz and enjoy the fruit of his labors as you visit the Santa Cruz Mission, ride the Giant Dipper and the Carousel.

The photo on this page is from 2003, so now, you may meet one of Mike’s sons working along side their dad from time to time.